Our story started a few years back with a simple book that many of us have read.

It goes: the cow goes moo, the cat goes meow and the bunny goes nibble nibble. Bodega's owner Jesse's daughter, Edie, couldn't quite say nibble nibble and instead said Nimma Nimma!

Nimma Nimma is a fun and playful counter service restaurant.  Whether you want a quick snack to-go or a cheeky beer in the sun, we have you covered. We are here for: those long boozy picnic lunches on our fully licensed grassy knoll, those sunset snacks on our paved patio, or for takeout for the family and friends waiting for you at the beach.  


Letter From the Chef 

I hope you enjoy our exciting pop-up restaurant featuring local ingredients and flavours from all over the Pacific Coast.


I've always liked to challenge myself to create new recipes. Ultimately, I like cooking family-style, because food should always be enjoyed in the company of others. Nimma Nimma has plenty of dishes that are perfect for sharing because food is a great way to bring together love and great flavours! 

- Chef Elmark Andreas