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Chef Elmark Andreas

When Elmark was a 6 year old boy in the Philippines, he dropped out of the choir and was sent to live with his uncle. His uncle worked in the church kitchen feeding the homeless, and so Elmark began helping him in the kitchen - peeling potatoes and carrots and occasionally beheading chickens.


When Elmark was 17 he immigrated to Canada and he knew he wanted to cook. After working a year at Wendy’s, at 19 he applied to wash dishes at The Dirty Apron and was successful, although he reported a tough environment and many tears in his first months there. Over the next few years he worked his way up through prep, assisting the cooking school and then running the deli at age 23.

At just 26, Elmark came to us a mature, incredibly talented and creative chef. Not only is his food outstanding, but his positivity and enthusiasm are unparalleled. 

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